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House Of Mae was realistically born in 2021 by its founder and creative director, Megha Sharma, but in fantasy it has been alive since forever.

The brand is based in the concepts of responsible consumption and ethic production. 

Our aim is to create pieces that are versatile, inclusive and feels like home.

Each garment is crafted for all those people looking for high quality, limited edition but affordable pieces.

We don’t produce based on seasons and we don’t restock.

There is just one chance to have our designs, and that opportunity is now


Megha is the founder and creative director of House Of Mae. She left her corporate job as a buyer to fulfil her longtime dream of making wearable art pieces which are versatile & inclusive. Her ideology is to make people shop less but smarter.

Megha created H.O.M. embodying her personal style, i.e. to be able to wear the same piece for a very long time in as many ways as possible. 

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